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The Bay goes silent

Axel Soos in The Bay’s homebase. (Photo: Ben Harrison)

The future of 97.3 The Bayis uncertain. The campus radio station, founded by first-year Axel Soos, had its final broadcast of the semester on March 31. Since then, the airwaves around campus have been silent, as Soos contemplates the future of the station.
“It’s been in question all year. I mean, it’s a huge time commitment. At some points, we put out 25 hours a week of content. That we’ve been able to sustain this thing for the entire year is quite the accomplishment.”
Soos says it comes down to the level of time commitment and not living on campus next year.
“There was a bit of a drag in my school work this year. I had to put so much time into the station that next year, I’m definitely going to have to commit to my studies and workload a lot more than I did this year. I put so much aside to run the station as well as I could.”
Living off campus will be an added strain on running a campus radio station, he said, as he won’t be able to access the station at a moment’s notice. The Bay began in his Middle Bay room in September, and moved downstairs later that autumn to comply with legal broadcasting standards.
“I’m hoping we can have first years on campus involved next year, if it does move forward. If I were to continue with The Bay, I’d be facilitating in some sense, but I definitely can’t have the level of hands-on involvement like I did last year.”
What Soos will remember most about The Bay?
“Definitely the re-launch party we threw. It was just the cleanest, most fun party I’d ever been to. Being there with the community was great. I should say, I mean ‘clean’ by just a really, really good time. It wasn’t clean in a literal sense. There was chocolate sauce everywhere.”

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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